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Heavy weights versus light weights

Clients often ask me whether they should lift light or heavy weights and then want to know the ideal weight/rep ratio. It depends; don’t get stuck thinking there is a magic, right weight size/rep range. It varies from individual to individual. The key is to challenge yourself and progressively overload your muscles. When your body gets used to what you are doing, change it up or your level of fitness will plateau.

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Whatever weight you choose, light or heavy, and they both have their pluses and minuses, the goal is to make the last few reps really hard. Lifting light weights for 15 to 20 reps is wonderful for muscular endurance; you will see visible results in how you look. Light weights are good for improving stamina and cardio fitness. They create a sense of leanness and help you burn calories.

Lifting heavy weight with fewer reps, say four to eight, build muscles and develops strength which is what you need to move furniture, carry grocery bags, and perform other activities of daily living. The key to true fitness lies in varying your workout so that you build strength, stamina and endurance.

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