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Why Hire a Personal Trainer? Part 1: For those who already workout!

Personal training has come a long way from 1998 when I hired my first trainer as an overweight 27-year-old that never cared much for athletics or any form of exercise for that matter! I hired the trainer, desperate to work out and lose weight, but not get hurt as I had done in my earlier attempt at working out. It worked, and not just because I showed up, but because of the knowledge he imparted on me on how to lift weights. You can read books and watch videos, but until a personal trainer watches the way you move, assures that you feel it correctly and corrects any postural issues preventing you from feeling it correctly, it’s hard to know if you are really do it in a way that will help you and not hurt you. One slight change in the way you hold your elbows can change some movements from help to harm and without professional training it’s almost impossible to know if you’re doing it right!

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With that said, many people currently exercising desperately need a trainer!

Why? A personal trainer isn’t just for people that are overweight and unmotivated. It’s also used for people that do already workout regularly but want to get MORE out of their workouts with less injury. Think of working with a Certified Personal Trainer as hiring a “General Contractor” for your body. You hire a contractor to ensure that your home improvement project is done right because although you might be able to do the project yourself, rest assured the contractor will do it better and more efficiently because of their experience! Making mistakes doing a DIY on your home is really no big deal when you compare it to the long-term effects and injuries, I see from doing some DIY workouts! So much of what I see is also not reaching one’s full potential because of lack of knowledge of how to really work with your body in the gym. The gym can be used to really correct a lot of the problems that everyday life causes our muscles, like tight necks and shoulders or bad knees but without proper knowledge, the gym can make these things worse. Stop wasting time in the gym, hire a professional!!  

 See if any of these situations fits you:

  1. You’ve lift weights regularly and got impressive results to begin with, but your progress has plateaued. 
  1. You avoid increasing the weights because you fear getting injured or have gotten injured in the past.
  1. You don’t feel lower body exercises very much in your butt (squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg press).
  1. You exercise in pain or avoid exercises because of the pain it causes.
  1. You try and try but can’t achieve the ultimate results you want so you settle for so-so instead of amazing.

Make the most of your time in the gym and the most of your body, at any age!

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
Selina Sahba

Fusion Fitness Owner, Fitness Writer, Trainer and Massage Therapist

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