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Feature image of Losing the “Covid-19” Say Yes to The New You Me, Version 2.0

Losing the “Covid-19”: Say Yes to The New You: Me, Version 2.0

Finding that many of your clothes don’t fit post-pandemic? Many of us turned to food and drink to soothe away difficult emotions brought up by the pandemic, find all these months later a need to purchase new clothes to re-enter the physical workspace as those waistbands are far from fitting! Sounds familiar? While some spent this time focusing in on their health and actually lost…

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Feature image of Why Hire a Personal Trainer, Part 2

Why Hire a Personal Trainer, Part 2: The Out of Shape or Maturing Body (or both!)

As a personal trainer for nearly the past twenty years, I’ve observed the different populations that really reap the most benefits from my services and the one that stands out, and coincidentally is also what I specialize in, is the maturing adult or an individual that feels old mainly because they are so out of shape. This person feels lost; maybe once they were athletic…

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Feature image of Fitness Myths

Fitness Myths

Many athletes don’t realize that the gym is a tool for improving athletic performance.  A common refrain I hear is, “I swim, run, hike or bike so I don’t need to lift weights.” Oh, yes, you do! Regardless of the sport, you need total body conditioning. Weightlifting increases strength and improves endurance. Cross training your muscles ensures they receive stimulus in a variety of ways.…

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Feature image of Online Training

Online Training

Pre-pandemic no one would have considered offering online fitness training because there was zero interest. Fifteen months into COVID-19 and thousands of health enthusiasts have maintained their fitness goals because of the benefits of online training. Shortly after COVID hit I began offering online training and will continue to do so now that meeting restrictions have eased. My clients appreciate the option of working out…

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Feature image of Fitness Detour

Fitness Detour

Twenty-four years ago, I took a fitness detour that changed my life. Rather than accepting that aging and its related diseases were inevitable, I changed my mindset, hired a fitness coach, and changed my eating habits. It didn’t happen overnight but over time I developed muscle, purged excess fat, and built a stable foundation. Today at 50 I am stronger and healthier than I was…

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Feature image of Staying in the Game

Improve your golf game

As a personal trainer living on the Monterey Peninsula I frequently hear, “I don’t go to the gym, I play golf.” Or “My cardio is golf.” What people don’t seem to understand is that no matter how much instruction they get in how to make their game better, their bodily limitations affect their golf game. If you have limited range of motion, joint instability, or…

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Feature image of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy, what is it and what is the big hype? It is a therapeutic methodology that uses infrared and near infrared light waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing and regenerative process. I admit that when I first heard about it, I was skeptical. However, after injuring my hip and the cartilage in my knee, I bought a small red light therapy device…

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