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Massage and Soft Tissue Injury 

Did you know that soft tissue that receives therapeutic massage experiences measurable changes at cellular and chemical levels? There is solid scientific evidence that tissue that is massaged heals faster. Clinical massage can be the antidote to many physical issues when used by itself or in conjunction with other medical therapies to promote healing. Something as simple as tennis elbow or a sprained ankle can…

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Feature image of Advanced Massage Therapy Scar Treatment

Advanced Massage Therapy: Scar Treatment

Has recent surgery left you with a painful or unsightly scar? Joint replacement, cancer, C-section, or other injury? We all have scars, but did you know that targeted scar massage therapy can help heal them? While massage therapy cannot completely erase scars, it can significantly reduce the appearance over time, plus making them and their effects less painful. Using scar massage therapy early in the…

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Benefits of Benefits of Routine Massage

Receiving regular, monthly massage is one of the best was to do self-care, akin to giving your car regular oil changes and maintenance. As you age, your body requires more self care, much like a classic car requires a lot more maintenance than one that just rolled off the assembly line. Consider a classic cars’ maintenance to be akin to necessary self care, especially for…

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