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Master bodyworker and owner of Fusion Fitness

I'm Selina

I come from a family of doctors and musicians. I started as a network engineer but shifted to fitness, becoming a certified Personal Trainer and massage therapist. I’m passionate about inspiring others to embrace fitness and wellness. My greatest joy is witnessing transformations and healing in my clients. Fusion Fitness, my business, is expanding to create a supportive
gym culture in Pacific Grove.

Fusion Fitness Owner, trainer, and massage therapist Selina Sabha - Serenity Awaits

I’m a Bodyworker

Welcome to a revolutionary bodywork experience with Selina. With over 20 years as a personal trainer and gym owner, I bring a unique perspective to bodywork. Unlike traditional therapists, I view the human body as an intricate puzzle, integrating my engineering background and personal training expertise to unravel fascial and nervous tensions biomechanically. This approach not only addresses dysfunctional posture but also promotes holistic healing. Discover how my journey from engineer to renowned bodyworker can transform your wellness journey.


Engineering Background
Leveraging analytical skills from an engineering career to understand the body's mechanics.

20+ Years in Fitness
Transitioned from engineering to becoming a personal trainer and gym owner, deepening my understanding of body dynamics.

Passion for Healing
Inspired to blend engineering principles with fitness expertise to innovate in bodywork.


Holistic View
Seeing the body as an intricate system, not just muscles and bones, but a complete biomechanical puzzle.

Innovative Techniques
Utilizing a combination of personal training knowledge and engineering insights to address both fascia and nervous system.

Customized Sessions
Each session is tailored, focusing on unwinding tension and restoring balance, beyond conventional massage therapy.


Enhanced Mobility
Clients experience improved movement patterns and reduced stiffness.

Posture Correction
Special focus on rectifying dysfunctional posture, leading to long-term well-being.

Deep, Lasting Healing
Combining fascial work with nervous system relaxation for profound and lasting relief.

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Selina Sahba - Founder & Trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove

Personal trainer with 21 years of experience

As a personal trainer, my mission is to empower individuals on their fitness journeys. With extensive education and experience, I create personalized fitness plans, making exercise enjoyable and accessible. I celebrate each milestone as clients become stronger, healthier, and more confident. It’s about inspiring lasting change and helping clients unlock their full potential.

Fitness Educator

As an advocate of fitness, I’m deeply passionate about the transformative power of exercise. My journey from a tech career to a fitness professional reflects my commitment to holistic well-being. With years of experience, I educate and inspire individuals to embrace fitness as a joyful and life-changing journey. It’s about progress, strength, and health at every age.

CEO of Fusion Fitness

As the owner of Fusion Fitness, my journey blends diverse experiences and a heartfelt passion for wellness. I create a welcoming, inclusive community where everyone thrives in their fitness journey.

Selina Sahba with fellow trainers of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove

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