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The Mind-Muscle Connection

Are you mindlessly working out? If you are, you are missing out on an opportunity to get the most from your workout. When you make the mind-muscle connection you are choosing to mentally focus on muscles in the muscle region that you are working.  Often workout newbies have a hard time distinguishing and feeling the muscle or muscle group they are working on. When you do the exercises correctly and focus on activating your muscles you achieve better results, faster and more efficiently. And you do so with far fewer injuries.

Here are some strategies for enhancing your mind-muscle connection:

Turn off distractions, at least initially. That means no TV, no music, no talking so you can visualize and concentrate on the muscle you are training. Once you’ve learned to isolate and work your muscles you can go back to your TV, music, or conversation.

Do a warmup set with light weights, light grip and slow tempo to awaken your muscles. This creates a strong foundation for the rest of your workout.

Add internal cues that include positive self-talk like “tuck  your tail” or “drive your shoulders down” to remind you to consciously train your muscles.

Finally, increase your time under tension by slowing the tempo so you can feel every inch of the movement. If you would like to achieve your 2021 fitness goals by improving your mind-body connection, join me at my brand new 7000 sq ft gym at 120 Country Club Gate Ctr, Pacific Grove, California, available everyday from 4am-10pm. Call or text me today to get started (831)236-6199.

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
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