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Working with Special Populations

Did you know that even the chronically ill and those suffering from temporary or permanent disabilities can benefit from regular exercise?

As a personal trainer and massage therapist I work with a wide range of people some of whom are healthy and mobile and others who are not. Many people have no idea that even individuals with serious diseases like multiple sclerosis, advanced Parkinson’s, and severe diabetes can benefit from fitness training. Those suffering from permanent or temporary disabilities can maintain and improve their level of fitness and health with regular workouts.

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Breaking a bone, preparing for, or recuperating from surgery, undergoing chemotherapy, or otherwise undergoing treatment for a chronic disease or debilitating condition is not a reason to give up your fitness goals. As a professional fitness coach and massage therapist my job is to figure out how to help you push past these obstacles and stay in shape. Research shows that those in the best physical condition recover more quickly and tolerate the effects of ongoing treatment better than those who aren’t. Fitness training improves mental functioning and is also a powerful antidepressant.

Here are a few examples of the special populations I’ve worked with during my 20 years as a certified trainer and licensed massage therapist. I improved range of motion and regenerated nerve function in a paraplegic man enabling him to feed himself, improved balance for a client suffering from multiple sclerosis, helped a client maintain her energy during chemotherapy treatment and assisted numerous clients in staying fit while recovering from broken bones, knee replacement, hip replacement, and ACL surgery.

Fitness isn’t just for those in perfect health, it is for everyone who wants to feel better and live longer.

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
Selina Sahba

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