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Preventing Muscular Decline and Weight Gain during Covid-19

Most of us were blindsided by the COVID-19 pandemic. We were shocked by the initial three-week stay-at-home order. While not ideal many people figured they could skip the gym for three weeks without too much of a problem.  But as the prospect of shelter-in-place stretches to seven or more weeks, people are experiencing depression, muscle decline and weight gain.

We are less active, indoors more and often trapped in front of our computer for hours at a time without a break.  In addition, we are making fewer trips to the grocery, relying more heavily on processed and packaged foods with less access to fresh fruits and vegetables. And those extra trips to the refrigerator when boredom sets in aren’t helping.

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It is any surprise that we feel grumpy, frumpy and out-of-sorts? But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can survive and even thrive during these challenging days of forced shelter-in-place.

Improve your mental outlook and physical health and build muscle with personalized exercise sessions delivered via video. You will be amazed at the outcomes you will achieve in our 30-minute tailored workouts. And, I guarantee you won’t need a lot of fancy toys and equipment. I am a master at creating exercise routines that deliver results despite limited resources.

If you want to maintain muscle mass and augment the cardio exercises you are doing, meet me in the virtual gym. Call or text me at 831.236.6199.

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