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Exercise is the key to Mindset during Covid-19

In today’s Covid-19 world I am seeing clients virtually.  My longtime clients share with me that I am their lifeline to the outside world; the light in their day. It is gratifying to know that I make such a meaningful difference in their mental and physical well-being.

In challenging times, it is easy to fall out of the habit of exercise yet that is when we need it most! It is key to maintaining a positive mindset. Exercise releases endorphins which interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in your body.

My clients have chosen to “go virtual” to maintain and build body strength, joint mobility and balance. As a result, they are the least likely to become depressed, get sick or injure themselves while sheltering in place. Most people don’t realize that an exercise gap of just two or three months increases your chance of injury by 75% to 80%. Face it during a contagious disease outbreak the last thing you want to do is injure yourself and end up in the hospital with a lot of really sick people!

In order to continue to meet your needs, I have adapted my fitness training to include daily workout videos, virtual one-on-one training/technique sessions, and development of personalized bio-mechanically balanced training routines that use whatever limited training equipment is available to you. You will be amazed at the variety of exercise routines I can design for you with just one or two basic pieces of equipment!

If you would like to maintain your mental and physical health in this treacherous Covid-19 environment, meet me in the virtual gym! Text or call me to discuss your fitness needs at 831.236.6199.

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
Selina Sahba

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