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Body Fat Percentage

A study published in 2016 of 50,000 middle-aged and older Canadians found that body fat percentage (BFP) is a far better indicator of obesity-related diseases and life expectancy than the body mass index (BMI).

Knowing and understanding your BFP allows you to make smarter decisions about your workout routine. It can mean the difference between a fitness regimen designed to reduce visceral fat around the organs and increase muscle mass and one that focuses on muscle tone and endurance. It also frees you from over-reliance on the scale as an indicator of progress since the number on the scale is less important than the muscle to fat ratio in your body.

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Because I want to provide clients with the most effective technology, tools, and training, I am incorporating BFP into my fitness coaching practice. I recently purchased an inBody machine, a medical-grade body composition analysis tool that measures muscle, fat, and water content. Now clients will be able to accurately monitor their progress.

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