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Do you consistently frequent the gym, or do you suffer from “Starting and Stopping Syndrome”? You get into a good routine, but something gets in the way and time gets away from you. Next thing you know, it’s been months since you’ve worked out and you’re starting from scratch again. Sound familiar? What can you do to ensure greater success in your consistency with the gym as consistency is the real key to true fitness, especially as we age. Be in shape isn’t something you can cram for. You must practice it consistently over time. So how can you be more consistent?

One simple answer: Train in a group. While there are many methods for improving your consistency, one of the best ways is to connect with a group of like-minded individuals and sweat together in an environment where community is fostered. Numerous studies prove that training in a group increases accountability, motivation, and effort. In a group setting, everyone benefits from the shared energy and enthusiasm, plus knowing that everyone is watching helps participants work harder and show up more. Workouts are also expertly designed by professional trainers that monitor you carefully, increasing workout efficiency, giving you better results in less time.

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In my gym, our cohesive groups build strong ties and friendships that often last long after a workout has been completed.This is particularly beneficial for mature adults. A small training group provides social interaction that is fun, empowering and improves mental well being.

For many adults in the later years of their life, being in the gym provides an avenue for continued socialization as well as greater overall health. Working out with others provides support, camaraderie and a feeling of togetherness that encourages consistency and resilience in even the most challenging workouts. Group workouts help people to work harder than they ever could alone, allowing them to make quick and real progress. That is motivating, which keeps our members coming back for more, ultimately creating consistency over time, from being held accountable to the group.

One thing to note is before attempting any small group training, it is critical to have a solid foundation of lifting form and technique. Training with a qualified personal trainer ensures proper form is mastered before entering a more challenging group setting.Small group training is great but should be seen as the next level beyond private personal training, rather than a place to start.

It’s common knowledge that strength training is beneficial, especially as we age, but how to keep it up for life is the challenge. Use the power of the social connections in small group training to help build your motivation, accountability, and your muscles.Need more help getting started or getting back in shape? We specialize in mature adults, helping people 50+ reclaim their strength and feel younger next year. Fast track your way into our small group sessions with our private training programs designed to get you on track for your lifetime of fitness.

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