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Hate Working Out? Part 2

It is that time of year again where the holidays are past us. But are you still feeling the effects of all those holiday treats and parties? Are you thinking, “Now that the holidays are over, I am going to start an exercise program, lose the weight and finally get into shape?” So many of us think this and set the best intentions for ourselves with our New Year’s resolutions, but unfortunately 80 to 85 percent of these annual resolutions fail. Look at any gym in January or February and it is filled with people waiting for treadmills and other equipment because it’s just full of new year’s resolutioners. Come back and take another peek inside mid-May or June and instead of people waiting for equipment, you’ll find the gym attendants wiping down the equipment because there’s no one on them. The New Year’s resolution falls apart usually within six months. Fitness isn’t a part-time contract gig. Being in great shape requires commitment for the long-term which only about 10-15 percent resolutioners achieve. Why?

58 Hate Working Out Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I shared with you that as a personal training client myself 23 years ago, I longed to understand why a certain subset of people seem to need the gym, as they were always there, time and time again, pushing and bettering themselves, while I needed a trainer to do the same. I thought the answer was strictly that these people had turned the gym into a habit, and they were simply creatures of habit and all I needed to do was somehow figure out how to make exercise a habit, through repetition and practice.

After twenty years of practice as a massage therapist and personal trainer, I now also see that are two different types of people: People that “find” time to exercise and people that “make” time to exercise. The difference between “make” time and “find” time is enormous. Life happens and always will. You need a long-term strategy that helps you stick with your commitment to exercise until your body craves it and going to the gym becomes as routine as brushing your teeth.

Along the way, it is helpful to remind yourself that there is no magic bullet, you won’t see an immediate drop in weight, and change won’t happen unless you follow though outside of the gym. You must show up and do the work.

Why are some people successful? Because they become addicted to feeling good. Their clothes begin to fit better, they feel stronger and more flexible and they sleep better. Give it time and you will be victorious, too.

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