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Bigger Biceps Make Flatter Stomachs

I regularly use the expression “Bigger Biceps makes for a flatter stomach”.

I get quite amused by the interesting looks I get from anyone that hasn’t heard me say it before. What? What is the relationship between your stomach and your biceps?

Thinking about this subject first started when I had a client ask me “why are my pants so loose in the waist when we hardly do any abdominal crunches, plus I haven’t even lost much weight?” What’s going on here?

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It all has to do with where the body chooses to store excess fat, which is part genetic and part lifestyle. Body fat is like a silo for extra calories – your stomach, inner thighs, love handles, and saddle bags all serve as extra caloric storage to be used in case of famine. In more extreme cases, it’s also stored in more dangerous areas like your visceral organs and chest. Some body fat is essential to a healthy functioning body but with 70% of Americans being overweight, most of us have thousands of extra calories stored away in these repositories and struggle to get rid of these siloes, meaning “I just want to flatten my stomach”, OK!?

So, I’m going to do lots of abdominal exercises, right? Wrong!

This client achieved that flatter stomach without doing endless crunches because of the total body conditioning and strength training she did under the guidance of a personal trainer.

The increase in caloric demand from doing all those repetitions and overloading all the muscles in her body, like her biceps, redistributed the fat, taking it from her fat siloes, i.e. her stomach, and moving it to where calories were most needed, like in her biceps, shoulders and glutes. The body redistributed the fat to where the weightlifting demands were, robbing her siloes and re-shaping her along the way.

While there is no such thing as spot reduction, meaning doing thousands of crunches doesn’t make for a flatter stomach, there is such a thing as fat redistribution. It’s something I observe all the time especially in deconditioned, mature clients coming in to build muscle and get in shape. It’s as if their bodies undergo a complete transformation, giving them a more youthful and shapely appearance. From a distance I can see the difference in a mature body that lifts weights versus not, regardless of size, because of how they distribute their fat. Instead of being packed into various repositories, like the stomach, body fat is more evenly distributed around muscles that also have better development. Muscles that are consistently being overloaded through proper strength training give off a more proportionate look to the body versus all the body fat being packed into those disproportionate siloes. Therefore, having bigger biceps equals a flatter stomach and can shave 10 years off your appearance, as I observe daily in our clients that subscribe to our fitness programs.

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