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Training after COVID-19

Returning to the gym after an absence like COVID-19 requires due diligence. Your risk of injury is roughly 75% higher because you have likely lost joint stability and endurance. Success requires that you be more conservative than you think. Here are some tips to help you safely regain your strength. Dial training back a notch and plan to rebuild more slowly than you expected. Be…

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Online Training

Pre-pandemic no one would have considered offering online fitness training because there was zero interest. Fifteen months into COVID-19 and thousands of health enthusiasts have maintained their fitness goals because of the benefits of online training. Shortly after COVID hit I began offering online training and will continue to do so now that meeting restrictions have eased. My clients appreciate the option of working out…

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Styles of Training

What is your fitness goal? Understanding what you want to get out of your fitness program will help you choose the best trainer for you. Do you want a sculpted look with muscles that pop and stand out? Then consider a trainer with a body builder physic.  He is probably your best bet for creating a lean, ripped and shredded look. Are you preparing for…

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Fitness Detour

Twenty-four years ago, I took a fitness detour that changed my life. Rather than accepting that aging and its related diseases were inevitable, I changed my mindset, hired a fitness coach, and changed my eating habits. It didn’t happen overnight but over time I developed muscle, purged excess fat, and built a stable foundation. Today at 50 I am stronger and healthier than I was…

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