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Reverse Stepping Lunge and Scissor

Step back into the lunge and open your chest with this posture correcting upper body exercise that emphasizes the shoulders to pull back and down, strengthening the shoulder stabilizers that help protect against shoulder injury. I love the scissors for this, be it with the tubing, band or TRX. Give it a shot! See me for technique on this and more, the exercise technique expert…

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FIX YOUR POSTURE: Exercises for your shoulders and neck to undo the pain that technology causes us!

Sitting a lot at your computer? Find yourself rounding looking down at your phone or tablet a lot? Technology has a way of doing a number on our bodies. Studies have recently shown that sitting is just as detrimental to the body as some really horrible things like smoking! As a personal trainer and massage therapist, I use gym equipment and simple exercises to help…

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Feature image of Young person posture versus old person posture

Young person posture versus old person posture

Have you noticed that you can tell a person’s approximate age from a distance? It has to do with their posture. There is a distinct way a young person carries herself that provide clues about her age. That difference is what I refer to as young person’s posture versus old person’s posture. Over time we develop bad habits that pull our body down and inward.…

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Feature image of Good Posture Prevents Injury

Good Posture Prevents Injury

Are you a candidate for shoulder recovery surgery? If you aren’t now, you may be if you don’t correct your posture. Good posture is the key to preventing and recovering from injury without surgical intervention. There are a number of rowing exercises that when done correctly will correct poor posture. The seated or standing row, TRX row, K08 row, squat row and bar bell row…

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Feature image of Fix Your Posture

Fix Your Posture

Poor posture leads to jutting necks, rounded shoulders, and unnecessary pain all which age you prematurely. Hunched over the computer, clutching the steering wheel, reading, and yes, even knitting for extended periods of time stresses your body. Without intervention these activities can reshape your body structure leading to pain and disfiguration. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A regular fitness routine that incorporates…

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Feature image of Program design is essential

Program design is essential

Are you saying “no” to activities you’ve enjoyed in the past because you just can’t do them anymore?  Then perhaps it is time to say “yes” to professional fitness training. Case in point. A few years ago, a longtime client decided to re-evaluate her fitness needs. Instead of investing in coaching, she opted to buy a Peloton bike, figuring she could do it herself. Instead,…

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Feature image of Posture 101

Posture 101

My neck and shoulders hurt all the time. Is that normal? Chronic soreness and tension in your neck and shoulders is not normal or desired, however, it is a condition of today’s lifestyle. Sitting (or standing for that matter) with your head down and forward distorts your body in ways that result in faulty biomechanics leading to tension in your neck and upper back. Not…

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