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Losing the “Covid-19”: Say Yes to The New You: Me, Version 2.0

Finding that many of your clothes don’t fit post-pandemic? Many of us turned to food and drink to soothe away difficult emotions brought up by the pandemic, find all these months later a need to purchase new clothes to re-enter the physical workspace as those waistbands are far from fitting! Sounds familiar? While some spent this time focusing in on their health and actually lost…

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Fitness Myths

Many athletes don’t realize that the gym is a tool for improving athletic performance.  A common refrain I hear is, “I swim, run, hike or bike so I don’t need to lift weights.” Oh, yes, you do! Regardless of the sport, you need total body conditioning. Weightlifting increases strength and improves endurance. Cross training your muscles ensures they receive stimulus in a variety of ways.…

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Feature image of Advanced Massage Therapy Scar Treatment

Advanced Massage Therapy: Scar Treatment

Has recent surgery left you with a painful or unsightly scar? Joint replacement, cancer, C-section, or other injury? We all have scars, but did you know that targeted scar massage therapy can help heal them? While massage therapy cannot completely erase scars, it can significantly reduce the appearance over time, plus making them and their effects less painful. Using scar massage therapy early in the…

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