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Whole Foods: Eat Like We’re Meant To

The more we learn about nutrition, the more research points up in the direction of eating mostly “whole foods.” This doesn’t mean that everything that’s in Whole Foods market is considered a whole food. I say that tongue and cheek, but I did seriously have a client come in once wanting to lose weight and when asked about her diet she exclaimed, “I eat healthy.…

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What to Eat

In order to get the maximum benefit from your workout you need to eat the right food at the right time. For example, you don’t want to work out with weights on an empty stomach. Doing so will cause you to burn muscle rather than fat. This defeats the purpose of exercising. What should you eat before exercising? Your pre-workout snack should be a mix…

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Train Your Taste Buds

Sugar is in everything. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is overly rich in sugar, salt and fat and as a result Americans’ taste buds are dulled to the sweetness of fruits and natural flavors of vegetables. I gave up sugar cold turkey in my 20’s and my taste buds completely changed. Suddenly I could savor the natural sweetness of strawberries, enjoy the texture of veggies,…

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Emotional Eating

No big surprise! Chocolate and alcohol sales are up. In stressful times like these, people look for soothing solutions to combat anxiety. Chocolate and alcohol are tied to neurotransmitters that can help to improve your mood. What’s not to like about that?  Unfortunately, both chocolate and alcohol can be addictive. The more you eat,  the more you want. Eventually self-medicating with food and alcohol can…

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Get off medication

One of my clients recently got off blood pressure and diabetes medication as a result of making lifestyle and dietary changes. To achieve his goal, we incorporated weightlifting, high intensity cardio exercises and a change in diet to improve his overall health. He’s lost weight, looks and feels great, and has dropped his biological age by 30%. Not a bad payoff for spending a little…

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Feature image of Fitness over 50 Nutrient rich low calorie food

Fitness over 50: Nutrient-rich, low-calorie food

Are you thinking about losing weight? Unfortunately, you can’t train away a bad diet. Training and a healthy diet go hand in hand. Noom® and other similar weight loss programs incorporate the psychology of eating into their program to increase awareness about eating triggers and habits. Logging our meals, water intake, steps and exercise can help us make better food choices. One food shift we…

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Feature image of Clean Eating- Why the Standard American Diet SAD just doesn't measure up

Clean Eating: Why the Standard American Diet (SAD) just doesn’t measure up

The standard American diet, SAD for short, is indeed sad. Nearly 37% of Americans eat fast food at least once a day! Americans get plenty of calories; just not the right kind. They are eating calorie-rich meals largely devoid of real nutrients. Fast food meals are loaded with calories, but you don’t have to eat fast food to be eating a “sad” diet devoid of…

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