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Improve your golf game

As a personal trainer living on the Monterey Peninsula I frequently hear, “I don’t go to the gym, I play golf.” Or “My cardio is golf.” What people don’t seem to understand is that no matter how much instruction they get in how to make their game better, their bodily limitations affect their golf game. If you have limited range of motion, joint instability, or…

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Virtual Or Live Fitness Workouts: Which Is Better?

The pandemic pushed us all into the virtual world; none more so than in the fitness industry. When in-person training was no longer an option, live stream and on demand classes took off providing us with another way to incorporate fitness into our lives. Prior to the pandemic, I think my clients would have laughed at the notion of training over a computer screen. Now…

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Reversing Aging

Science Says You Can Reverse the Aging Process by Three Years in Just Eight Weeks. Recent research published finds that exercise and a good, clean diet doesn’t just make you feel good – they can actually reverse your biological age. So, what exactly does it take to reverse your biological age?  Getting older is inevitable and while you can’t control your age, you can slow the decline…

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