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FIX YOUR POSTURE: Exercises for your shoulders and neck to undo the pain that technology causes us!

Sitting a lot at your computer? Find yourself rounding looking down at your phone or tablet a lot? Technology has a way of doing a number on our bodies. Studies have recently shown that sitting is just as detrimental to the body as some really horrible things like smoking!

As a personal trainer and massage therapist, I use gym equipment and simple exercises to help counteract the forces that technology puts on our bodies. Who would’ve thought you need to “train” your shoulder and neck muscles to handle the stresses of your phone? 😜 

Enter Desk Aerobics:

These are shoulder strengthening exercises designed to undo what the computer does to your shoulders and neck. So grab a resistance band (or no band is fine too!) and let’s take the next 10 minutes to Fix Your Posture!

Meet me in the gym! 💪

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
Selina Sahba

Fusion Fitness Owner, Fitness Writer, Trainer and Massage Therapist

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