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Advanced Massage Therapy: Scar Treatment

Has recent surgery left you with a painful or unsightly scar? Joint replacement, cancer, C-section, or other injury? We all have scars, but did you know that targeted scar massage therapy can help heal them? While massage therapy cannot completely erase scars, it can significantly reduce the appearance over time, plus making them and their effects less painful. Using scar massage therapy early in the post-surgical recovery stages can help minimize the formation of scar tissue but scar therapy even works well on fully formed scars, up to two years old. I personally have seen results in cases older than two years, as bodywork helps unwind the secondary problems that arise because of the fibrous scar tissue adhering to other normal structures.  This could mean something like suddenly suffering a hip or back problem not long after having a knee replacement. This is because the scar tissue creates adhesions, “gluing” itself to much of the other fascia and surrounding musculature, preventing proper function and/or causing pain. 

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Fascia is a thin membrane or sheet of tissue which surrounds covers and connects every structure in the body together, much like a netting of tightly woven connective tissue, holding it all together, while allowing for independent movement between tissue layers. Going under the knife creates tears in the fascia, which the body wonderfully heals by laying down collagen. While this is a normal part of the healing process, these new fibers grow in a random fashion, versus normal tissue which is aligned in specific directions to give your tissue strength and resiliency. This random patchwork of collagen forms the scar which binds itself to the fascia and surrounding structures, creating what are called adhesions. Once an area of fascia becomes tight and shortened with adhesion formation, the restrictions spread to other areas of the body creating further mechanical imbalances. Therefore, releasing even old scars, particularly in C-sections, mastectomies, hysterectomies, and joint replacements can have far reaching consequences on some chronic conditions simply because of the way scar can limit the fascia.

Many people are unaware of the problems associated with scar tissue and are led to believe they will have to live with lumpy, unattractive scars or limited range of motion in a knee, shoulder, or ankle.  As a certified clinical massage therapist, I work with clients to release scars and realign the fascia, helping clients heal scars from major surgeries, traumas and plus changes to the fascial structure caused by scarring. This includes visibly changing the external look and internal texture of scars and surrounding tissue. I use several specific techniques to break down scar tissue and teach my clients the technique so they can also assist in the healing process. 

 If your range of motion is limited by pain or unsightly scars are holding you back from living life to the fullest, I can help. Let me put my extensive experience, knowledge of pain patterns and keen understanding of anatomy to work for you. Call or text me today at 831.236.6199.

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