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Your brain and exercise

Did you know that your brain enjoys exercise as much as your body does? In addition to producing dopamine and serotonin, the right kind of exercise helps you make new brain cells. Fast, skill-based exercises like body combat, karate, boxing, jazzercise and technique-based weightlifting produce Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a key molecule involved in learning and memory.

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These exercises create synapses enabling your brain to stitch cells together to form new connections. It is the mix of fast-paced, cardio-intensive movement that requires quick thinking, “Where do I need to put my foot? What’s the next step in the dance sequence?” that produces new pathways in the brain. It is the reason that Parkinson’s patients are encouraged to take up boxing. The fast punching and fancy footwork create brain cells that enhance balance, steady tremors and reduce stiffness. High intensity (HIT) exercises combined with cognitive, thinking-based activities can help all of us maintain mental functionality into our 90’s and beyond.

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