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Intensity versus Duration

Want to get the most from your workout? Of course, you do! Then bump up the intensity and frequency of your fitness routine. Exercising four or five times a week for half an hour is exponentially better than working out twice a week for an hour.

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You can easily power up your workout by running up steps for short intervals, adding sprints to your biking routine, climbing hills or adding dumbbells to your walk. The idea is to get your heart rate to maximum capacity for short periods with small rests in between.

Worry less about the length of your workout and focus on the intensity of it. Frequent, more intense exercise will lead to continuous improvement, elevate your metabolism for longer periods of time, and increase your caloric burn. Another major benefit is improved heart elasticity, a benefit that you will come to appreciate every time you walk up a hill. And finally, frequent, intense workouts provide a greater endorphin rush, acting as a natural anti-depressant in the midst of a challenging pandemic.

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