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Program design is essential

Are you saying “no” to activities you’ve enjoyed in the past because you just can’t do them anymore?  Then perhaps it is time to say “yes” to professional fitness training.

Case in point. A few years ago, a longtime client decided to re-evaluate her fitness needs. Instead of investing in coaching, she opted to buy a Peloton bike, figuring she could do it herself. Instead, she fell out of the habit of training. Eighteen months later when she decided to get back on her Peloton bike, she discovered that she could no longer ride it. Her knees and joints hurt because her glutes were weak, and her quads were dominate. Her body was torqued and out of balance. In the year and a half that she stopped training she developed postural problems due to a combination of the stresses of daily living, excess weight, and lack of corrective exercises that counter everyday stress.

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Program design is critical to long-term fitness. A good fitness coach will work with you to develop and maintain body balance, front-to-back and side-to-side. She will work to make your hip muscles stronger, your calves and quads stronger and more elastic. She will design a custom program to address your specific training goals and physical challenges. Rather than saying, “no” to activities you love, find a trainer who will create a well-engineered program designed to keep you fit for life. That may be one-on-one training, groups classes or an at-home program.

If you want a targeted fitness program that undoes the damage caused by poor posture and inactivity, call or text me today at 831.236.6199. I offer individual, group and at-home fitness solutions.

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
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