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Fitness Doesn’t Take a Break

After 20 years of being a fitness and wellness professional, I’ve made several observations about why certain folks consistently exercise and why most don’t. Many struggle to make it a habit. They work hard for few months and love the results but then I hear, “I think I’m going to take a break for a month or two.” What I hear when they say that is they cannot afford to invest in themselves anymore, because in my experience, only about half return. The quickly fading results motivates them to come back. Instead of feeling strong, more energetic, and slimmer, they call me back because they feel weaker, flabbier, and not able to function as well in their activities of daily living (ADL) such as bending down, getting in/out of a vehicle, or easily climbing stairs.  All these things are easy when you’re in great shape, but that means it’s really something you should not take a break from, with little exception. Each month that passes, all the hard work, money and results decline so rapidly. This makes the money spent on a personal trainer act more like an expense, versus when the training is maintained for the long-term. Training consistently over time and keeping it up makes that money act as an investment in yourself, in your true health care, not just money thrown away. Our health and or fitness is the most important asset we truly possess!

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When people want to take a break due any number of reasons, the question becomes whether to invest in your health with a trainer on the front end, or is spend it on medication and doctor visits on the backend? The answer is obvious as training is truly health care while the latter is largely sick care. Our fitness though, is like having naturally depreciating bank account, where we must make continual deposits to keep up this “fitness account”, much like saving for retirement. Unlike most retirement accounts however, which mostly appreciate on their own, your fitness account is guaranteed to rapidly depreciate without continual deposits. Each workout is a deposit. Eating more greens and avoiding packaged foods is another deposit. Discovering any food sensitivities, and avoiding those foods is yet another, which all tie together to achieve that higher level of fitness we all want.

No one wants to feel out of shape, especially in retirement! Imagine building a good nest egg, but not really being able to enjoy it because your fitness account is overdrawn, and your body starts to fail you. I’ve had hundreds of clients come to me in this position and as personal trainers, our job is to help you out of that and to make exercise part of the fabric of your life! The message here is FIGURE OUT A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK FOR LIFE, by either hiring a personal trainer or joining a class where the group camaraderie helps keep you motivated to stick with it and BE IN THE SHAPE YOU WANT, ALWAYS!

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