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Adopt Healthy Habits

When motivation is lacking healthy habits can save you. The other day a client came in complaining that he just wasn’t motivated. The stress of life caught up with him and he binge ate two days’ worth of calories at McDonald’s before lunch. He complained that he lacked the motivation to stop. That is because his current habit is, “when I feel helpless, out-of-control, angry (fill in the blank), I eat.”  Further, he lacks the healthy habits that make it easy for him to stick to his plan of creating a better, 2.0 version of himself.

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I can’t motivate you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I can only remind you of what brought you to me in the first place and encourage you to develop habits that make it easier for you to achieve YOU 2.0.

What are YOU 2.0 habits?

  1. Reprogramming your mind to recognize that when you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, you are saying yes to eliminating preventable disease, increased strength, and improved mobility. You are saying yes to a better version of yourself.
  2. Eating meals, especially breakfast, at the same time every day. Doing so keeps you in control and out of the fast-food joints.
  3. Always having healthy choices prepped and on hand for those times when you are craving a snack or don’t feel like cooking.
  4. Drinking lots of water and setting a consistent schedule for exercising 4 to 5 times a week.

When motivation takes a leave of absence, healthy habits can save the day. If you are ready to create YOU 2.0, meet me at my brand new 7000 sq ft gym at 120 Country Club Gate Ctr, Pacific Grove, California, available everyday from 4am-10pm. Call or text me at (831)236-6199.

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