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A Lifetime Endeavor

Getting and staying fit is not a one and done event! It is a lifetime commitment to your health and mobility. Even today I get clients who do all the necessary one-on-one work with me to get fit enough to join the group class then decide to take a leave of absence from fitness. In just a few short weeks all the progress from the last year is lost. Aches and pains return, strength and muscle mass decrease, and risk of injury from the activities of daily living increases exponentially.

My most successful clients decide to make exercise a priority rather than “trying” to fit it into their schedule. They put their long-term health first by scheduling exercise time on the calendar. Once it is part of their weekly routine, they quickly become addicted to feeling great.

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On those occasions when travel or business obligations require them to miss regularly scheduled one-on-one appointments or classes, we schedule Zoom training sessions that rely on minimal equipment. In situations where that isn’t an option, I create a personalized workout plan that they can implement on their own until we are able to meet again in person.

We only get one body in this lifetime. If you want to continue to do the things you enjoy, take charge of your health today.  Call or text me at 831.236.6199 to start your journey to optimal health!

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
Selina Sahba

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