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Working Out with Pain 

Roughly 85% of people work out with some level of pain. Ideally, the gym helps you reduce pain but that is not always the case. When you are using the equipment incorrectly, doing the wrong exercises, ones that exacerbate joint or postural problems, or are doing the exercises incorrectly, you can create pain. It is natural to want to avoid pain, so when you injure yourself in the gym you may be reluctant to return to the scene of the crime.

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However, not all pain is bad. The key is to recognize the difference, so you know when to push past the pain and continue to exercise and when to stop. Listen to your body. If you are experiencing nagging joint pain, stop the activity and consult with a personal trainer who can recommend bio-mechanically correct exercises that strengthen rather than stress your joints.  Don’t wait, make a change before you develop chronic pain.

If sore or achy muscles are causing pain, it is likely the result of pushing your body beyond what it is used to, and the soreness will dissipate on its own within two or three days. This is good pain; it is short-term and an indication that you are building muscle mass. Walking, working out and a hot bath can help you feel better.

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