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Training after COVID-19

Returning to the gym after an absence like COVID-19 requires due diligence. Your risk of injury is roughly 75% higher because you have likely lost joint stability and endurance. Success requires that you be more conservative than you think. Here are some tips to help you safely regain your strength.

Dial training back a notch and plan to rebuild more slowly than you expected. Be mindful of how your body feels. The mature body often doesn’t feel pain until later. During training don’t try to tough it out and push past the pain. Injury will derail your plan and make getting in shape harder.

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Learn to distinguish between muscle soreness and joint pain. Muscle soreness is an indication that your muscles are being taxed and that you are getting stronger. It goes away within 5 days. Pain is a sign of injury. It may occur in the lower back, neck, knee, hip and elbow joints and often persists for months.

Keep your ego out of training. Never mind what you lifted pre-COVID-19, drop the weight by 20% to 25% and take longer, more frequent rest intervals. With the right approach, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to regain your strength, stability and muscle memory. Be smart, don’t rush it and risk injury.

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