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Saying “Yes” to Optimal Health

If you are a client who has never experienced the freedom of being in optimal shape, you may think of getting into shape as something I “have” to do and conclude that it is a difficult, odious task.

I want to reshape that paradigm and help you see that fitness is saying “yes” to what you want. Rather than seeing working out as a diet or chore, reframe it as creating the habit of health. Every time you work out you are making a deposit into your health savings account. You are saying “yes” to getting off medication, lowering your A1C, getting and keeping your blood pressure under control and reducing your cholesterol.

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Would you like to travel now or when you retire? Do you want to take up tennis, run the Big Sur Marathon or take a kayaking trip with your college buddies? Keeping the end in mind makes going to the gym a piece of cake not a life sentence.  When motivation occasionally wanes, ask yourself, “does what I am doing line up with my goal of feeling younger and more energetic?” If no, skip it and say “yes” to what you want, greater vitality, energy and strength!   

If you would like to experience the sense of well-being that comes with being in optimal shape, call or text me at 831.236.6199.  I am available to coach and support you one-on-one or in group fitness sessions six days week. Don’t wait! Say “yes” to living a full, robust life now and when you retire.

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