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Releasing Knotty Muscles

Can muscles really get tied in knots? Yes, but not in the same way a string gets tied in a knot. A knot is an adhesion that is the result of muscles holding too much tone. Those painful trigger points in your arms and shoulders are localized areas where muscles are not releasing, putting pressure on nerves, and causing pain. Sitting at the computer too long, performing a repetitive motion for extended periods of time and dehydration all contribute to tight, knotty muscles.

What may be surprising is that you might not feel the pain in the tight muscle, but elsewhere in the body. For example, a rotator cuff muscle may cause pain in the back of the arm, shoulder tightness may be transferred to the neck or head, and tight chest muscles can mimic a heart attack.

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Regular exercise combined with proper diet and hydration help keep your muscles smooth and supple. Frequent breaks, myofascial massage and alternating heat and ice packs get your blood moving and help counter the effects of hunching over the computer or steering wheel for too long.

If your back and shoulders feel like a stone quarry, your legs are tight, and your arms ache from painful trigger points, come see me for the best massage of your life! Don’t wait any longer to get the relief you deserve. Call or text me today at 831.236.6199 to schedule your massage!

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