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Fix Your Posture

Poor posture leads to jutting necks, rounded shoulders, and unnecessary pain all which age you prematurely. Hunched over the computer, clutching the steering wheel, reading, and yes, even knitting for extended periods of time stresses your body. Without intervention these activities can reshape your body structure leading to pain and disfiguration.

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But it doesn’t have to be this way. A regular fitness routine that incorporates exercises like the reverse fly, incline bench press and lat pulldown open the chest and shoulders. Elastic bands, dumbbells and machines that work the back side of your back also mitigate the damage done sitting in front of electronic devices.

However, you can’t simply exercise your way out of poor posture. Solving posture problems developed from a lifetime of bending forward requires awareness that goes beyond the gym. Whenever you are leaning forward for extended periods of time remind yourself to

Pull your shoulders back and down making a reverse “J” with your shoulders.

Pull your head back and tuck your chin into your neck.

These simple exercises create awareness and help your body regain its youthful appearance.

As a fitness professional and shoulder specialist, I can create a program that will heal your shoulder issues and prevent you from creating new ones. Meet me at my brand new 7000 sq ft gym at 120 Country Club Gate Ctr, Pacific Grove, California, available everyday from 4am-10pm. Call or text me at (831)236-6199.

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