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Changing up your routine

We like routine but our body craves the unusual. When I talk with prospective clients, they often tell me, “I go to the gym regularly and do my routine, but I am not getting the results I want.” The sad fact is that if you go through the same routine weekly, all you can expect are routine results. Like our mind, our body gets bored. With no new stimulus it adapts, and our fitness routine quickly loses effectiveness.

There is a limit to how much weight we can add and number of repetitions we can do without injuring our joints so doing more is not the answer. The key is to increase stimulus and challenge ourselves in ways that build rather than damage our body. That is where I come in.

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My clients tell me they especially appreciate working with me because I constantly change things up. Change can be scary and my job as a fitness professional is to make it safe and rewarding. I push and guide you so that you get the most out of your body as you age. I do that by keeping your fitness program fresh and tuned to your specific needs. Because of my deep understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, certifications in biomechanics and sports massage, and keen eye for detail, I am able to easily spot and correct deficiencies. The upside is that you maximize your time in the gym without getting hurt.

If you would like to feel younger, longer meet me in the virtual gym. Call or text me at 831.236.6199.

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