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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy, what is it and what is the big hype? It is a therapeutic methodology that uses infrared and near infrared light waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing and regenerative process. I admit that when I first heard about it, I was skeptical. However, after injuring my hip and the cartilage in my knee, I bought a small red light therapy device and tried it. Using it over a period of weeks I healed both my hip and knee, avoiding surgery. That convinced me to begin using red light therapy on my massage clients to speed muscle healing and ease pain in the lower back, elbows, and hamstrings.

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How does it work? Red spectrum wavelengths increase cellular metabolism in and strengthens the mitochondria, blocking nitrox oxide production in the body and increasing oxygen production. Red light therapy strengthens the cell’s ability to produce energy. It has been shown to increase cell production and accelerate wound healing. Near infrared, infrared and far infrared waves range in length from 650 to 2500 with treatment for skin and muscles issues falling into the 650 to 880 range.

Red light therapy is safe to use every day. It is non-invasive and has virtually zero risks or side effects.  The FDA has cleared red light therapy devices for treating acne, reducing scarring from acne, slowing and reversing the signs of aging, hair growth, and arthritis.

If you want access to top-tier fitness professionals, cutting edge technology, and access to the latest scientific breakthroughs including red light therapy, call or text me today at 831.236.6199 to arrange a personal consultation. We offer individual, group and home fitness solutions.

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