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Losing the “Covid-19”: Say Yes to The New You: Me, Version 2.0

Finding that many of your clothes don’t fit post-pandemic? Many of us turned to food and drink to soothe away difficult emotions brought up by the pandemic, find all these months later a need to purchase new clothes to re-enter the physical workspace as those waistbands are far from fitting! Sounds familiar?

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While some spent this time focusing in on their health and actually lost weight or got in shape during the pandemic, far many more of us ended up gaining the equivalent of the “freshman-15” by gaining the “Covid-19” weight, or anywhere from 10-40 pounds on average. If this sounds like you, the question is, what to do about it? Are you ready to lose the weight? I mean, really motivated, because losing weight is a process where you are literally fighting the natural programing of the body to store fat. It involves what may seem like depriving yourself of your favorite foods and committing yourself to something that may sound difficult, like exercise.  

When new clients come into my gym and hire me to train them to get in shape, most of them also want to lose weight so I ask: “How strong is your WHY?”. Often they look at me curiously and I explain that getting in shape in the gym with a trainer is relatively easy with a good trainer and a can-do attitude, but many clients struggle with the time spent outside of the gym, with what they eat, which contributes around 80% of their overall weight loss, NOT the exercise they do. Exercise accelerates weight loss and makes the person feel and look good, even if they carry a few extra pounds, but diet is the predictor of weight loss and long-term success is really the product of motivation. Over the long term, will-power will wane, and people fall back into their old ways because they felt deprived whilst on the diet. You may have heard the adage not to diet, but rather to make lifestyle changes, but to really carry this through we need to have a very strong WHY we are doing this. A “WHY” to speak to us in moments of weakness when will power starts to wane, and old habits sneak back in. A “WHY” to motivate us to become the next version of ourselves, ME, 2.0. Me, 2.0 is someone that is leaner, stronger and in great shape and if we think about the habits of Me, 2.0 in those moments of weakness, it becomes a lot easier to shift our paradigms from feeling deprivation, or saying no to things, to saying YES health. Forget saying no to unhealthy habits by saying YES to the new you, Me 2.0, the optimal version of yourself. Try envisioning this person in your mind as you make your daily choices and build your habits by saying YES. For help and motivation in this area, consult with us at www.fusionfitnesspg.com for help in your journey!

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
Selina Sahba

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