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Improve your golf game

As a personal trainer living on the Monterey Peninsula I frequently hear, “I don’t go to the gym, I play golf.” Or “My cardio is golf.” What people don’t seem to understand is that no matter how much instruction they get in how to make their game better, their bodily limitations affect their golf game. If you have limited range of motion, joint instability, or muscles that are over/underdeveloped, you are effectively working with a dull saw. No amount of instruction from a golf pro is going to make up for a dull saw.

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As a certified golf bio mechanic, I analyze your body, identify weaknesses that limit or otherwise impact your game and design a program that addresses these issues. I know how to make your body work better so that the money you spend on a swing coach pays off.  Ninety-nine percent of exercises and fitness equipment focus on the sagittal plane, or forward and backward motion. Working with golfers, I know that is not what most need to focus on. Instead, they need to improve rotational mobility and I know exactly how to help them do just that!

If you really want to improve your golf game, call, or text me today at 831.236.6199 to arrange a personal consultation. I will evaluate your body, identify the limitations that impact your golf game and create a program to address them.

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