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Fitness Myths

Many athletes don’t realize that the gym is a tool for improving athletic performance.  A common refrain I hear is, “I swim, run, hike or bike so I don’t need to lift weights.” Oh, yes, you do! Regardless of the sport, you need total body conditioning. Weightlifting increases strength and improves endurance. Cross training your muscles ensures they receive stimulus in a variety of ways. When you rely on the repetitive movement patterns involved with hiking, biking, running or swimming your body gets strong in one way. The muscles which are strong stay strong and those that are weak only get weaker causing you to risk a repetitive stress injury.

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For example, when I work with a baseball or softball pitcher, I create a training plan that strengthens the back of the shoulder. I do this to counter the overuse of the front shoulder muscles as a result of the forward throwing motion. This restores mechanical balance and creates a stronger joint structure which leads to improved pitching performance.

Regardless of your sport or preferred approach to exercise, strength training is a necessity for keeping your body biomechanically sound.

If you would like to build strength, improve performance and create a greater sense of well being, meet me at my brand new 7000 sq ft gym at 120 Country Club Gate Ctr, Pacific Grove, California for one-on-one or group fitness training.  Call or text me today to get started (831)236-6199.

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