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Young person posture versus old person posture

Have you noticed that you can tell a person’s approximate age from a distance? It has to do with their posture. There is a distinct way a young person carries herself that provide clues about her age. That difference is what I refer to as young person’s posture versus old person’s posture. Over time we develop bad habits that pull our body down and inward. Our tissue grows in the line of pull so we become noticeably hunched.  It doesn’t have to be this way. You can maintain young posture if you actively work at it. 

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Here are two simple exercises that you can do throughout the day. They require no special equipment, and no one will notice you doing them. 1. Consistently pull your shoulders back and down. Imagine that you are making a “J” or that you are putting your shoulders in your back pocket. 2. Tuck and untuck your tail bone, pull in your belly button and squeeze your butt. These simple exercises with ensure that you stand tall, increase body awareness and achieve your full potential whether it is improving your golf game, keeping up with your grand kids, or lifting the groceries out of the car.

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