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The Fabric of your Life

January first is the day when everyone decides to get into shape. Twelve days later the majority of resolution setters have given up any hope of making a significant change. How can this be?

In my experience as a fitness professional I find that most people initially bite off too much. They attempt to go from fat to fit overnight. It is an unrealistic expectation. By January 12th their willpower has given out, their body can’t handle the pace and they end up injured, in pain or simply burned out.

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The same is true for the folks who decide they will cut out everything unhealthy in their diet and suddenly eat clean. Their body rebels; they deprive themselves of important nutrients, cravings for sugar or starch kick in and pretty soon all hope of change goes out the window until next January.

Success is the result of making small, consistent changes and sticking with them. Set a goal to get into the gym two, maybe three times a week. Once you have successfully incorporated regular gym attendance into your life you can add to it. Cut out one source of refined sugar; let your body adjust then make the next small change. In this way you begin to make health and fitness part of the fabric of your life.

Invest in the services of a good personal trainer. Studies show that those who work with a one achieve a much higher rate of success. Plus, a fitness coach will reduce your chances of injury and motivate you to show up regularly. If you are ready to start a fitness plan you can live with, meet me in the gym.

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