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Maintaining independence as you age

Strength training is vital for healthy senior living. Beginning around the age of 30 we lose about 5% of our muscle mass per decade unless we take steps to prevent it. Loss of muscle mass, called sarcopenia, accelerates between the ages of 50 and 80 increasing the likelihood of falls and bone breaks.

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The muscles act as guidewires for our bones. They help to prevent falls and enable you to catch yourself in those situations when you trip or otherwise lose your balance. The fewer falls, the less likely you are to break your hip, knee, or leg. We don’t often think of a broken bone as deadly but as many as 68% of people over 60 die due to a hip fracture.

As you age it becomes increasingly important that you think of fitness training as vital to your long-term health. Can you get off the floor from a sitting to a standing position without using your hands? Can you reach up to put something in the kitchen cupboard? Are you able to carry a bag of groceries in from the car? These are all functions of daily living and being able to perform them is a critical part of aging well.

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