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Fitness over 50: Smart Watch Features

I would guess that 100% of my clients do not know how to use the detailed health and activity tracker features on their smart watch. Beyond the pedometer or step counter which is turned on by default most clients don’t realize they can track workouts, record heart rate, and identify the type of workout they are doing. The smart watches offer several options to choose from, for example, functional strength training, kickboxing, swim, hike, outdoor walk, yoga, core, spinning and much more.

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However, unlike the step counter, you must click on the app to start and end the program on your watch. (On the Apple watch the fitness activity app is green with a little guy running.) Once you start the fitness program the health app (on the Apple watch it is white with a red heart) automatically collects and records health data. Using these apps makes it easy for you to track improvement in your cardio fitness. It tracks calories, heart rate and records the amount of oxygen (VO2 max) your body uses while exercising as hard as you can. While all measurements can be useful, knowing your VO2 max level can help you train for sports, track your fitness improvement, and improve your heart health.

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My goal is to help you maximize your workout and educate you about tools that can accelerate your progress. If you are serious about getting and staying fit, let me create a personalized fitness program that improves strength, stability, and cardio fitness. Call or text me today at 831.236.6199.

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