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Fit Over 50: 45-MIN Shoulder and CORE Resistance Tubing Workout

Sit at a computer a lot?

Got neck and/or shoulder tensions?

Maybe even more so in these days of work at home post-quarantine zoom meetings and FaceTime sessions. As a Personal Trainer, even I am finding myself feeling like my shoulders and head are rounding forward from the numbers of hours I spend seated doing online sessions and other online pastimes like online shopping for all those supplies you need while sheltering in place or just trying to avoid public places. All that time at the computer wreaks havoc on our posture and puts excessive stress on the joints and muscles where we find that we are experiencing more pain since Covid-10 than we did before. 

The way to stay out of pain and to feeling good is to reverse the effects of the computer by using the gym to do targeted exercises specifically designed to undo these damaging effects.

This means working the muscles of your shoulders, upper back and CORE. This 45-minute workout is designed to help strengthen and stabilize the upper shoulder girdle and integrate the core and the shoulders together for better shoulder stability. Use this workout in post-rehab therapy of a typical shoulder injury.

So join me and let’s work those computer muscles and get strong together! 

NOTE: I suggest using a light or super light resistance tubing

If you experience neck/or shoulder pain, stop immediately and take a break. Try jumping back in and if it still hurts, stop and seek medical attention.

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
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