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Ageing By Default or By Intention

When LC came to me eight years ago, in her late seventies, she was in a very poor state of physical and mental health, having recently endured a bout of cancer treatment. She had become weakened by the illness, her posture was poor, and her sense of balance and stamina were badly diminished. She was determined to rebuild her body, however, and so we set up a program of exercises lasting an hour each week; these included strengthening, cardio, and balance drills, all with the goal of improving her health and restoring her to a more optimal physical state.

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Now, eight years on, I can see the fruits of LC’s efforts; when I recently watched her descend the stairs with an assurance and stability that is not normally associated with someone of her age, I was truly amazed. This was in stark contrast to my own 74-year-old employee, who needed both myself and my daughter’s assistance just to navigate one stair as we left the stands at my daughter’s volleyball match. The difference was quite incredible, as LC was able to easily descend a flight of stairs that my employee could not approach without help.

The problem here is that, while my employee has certainly remained active as she’s aged, she hasn’t been weight-training in any meaningful way, nor with an eye to fixing any of the problems associated with growing old. This reflects the disparity between ageing naturally and ageing with intention. Healthy living and fitness provide us with the ability to experience our golden years with the opportunity to thrive by preserving our greatest asset – our body – so that we not just live but live well. Have you met a person in their 80s or 90s that appears and acts far younger than their age? Likely, this is a consequence of fitness and ultimately a younger biological age.

Often, when seniors chat with me about how they want to stay fitter and more agile, the sentiment is, “I don’t want to be a bodybuilder, I just want to keep what I have.” A totally reasonable request. We all understand that aging brings with it reduced power, coordination, velocity, and reflexes, and it is unmistakable in everyday tasks. What, then, can be done to rectify it? Like the way one might rely on a financial expert to obtain the best returns, it would be wise to also seek a specialist when it comes to your most precious asset – your body. Come up with the same mindset you would have when making an investment; if you wish to optimize the time you spend in the gym, find a personal trainer who will help you feel younger than your age. Choose carefully; only programs tailored with the mature body in mind will give the best returns with the least risk of injury.

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