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Train Your Taste Buds

Sugar is in everything. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is overly rich in sugar, salt and fat and as a result Americans’ taste buds are dulled to the sweetness of fruits and natural flavors of vegetables. I gave up sugar cold turkey in my 20’s and my taste buds completely changed. Suddenly I could savor the natural sweetness of strawberries, enjoy the texture of veggies, and delight in the crunchiness of nuts and whole grains.

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One of the main culprits of obesity and diabetes is too much sugar; it acts like a poison in the body. Often people replace sugar with artificial sweeteners thinking they are the answer. In fact, artificial sweeteners can amplify your sweet tooth and increase sugar cravings.

Here are two easy fixes for reducing the amount of sugar you consume daily.

Gradually dilute fruit drinks with water increasing the dilution every three or four days until you have replaced the juice entirely with water.  Then, quench your thirst with the natural goodness of water.

Replace fruit juice with whole fruit. The fiber and pectin in whole fruit helps to stabilize blood sugar levels; besides, we were designed to chew and derive pleasure from doing so. Just ask  anyone on a liquid diet what they miss most!

If you are ready improve your health by reducing the likelihood of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, meet me in the gym.  Call or text me today to get started, 831.236.6199.

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