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Emotional Eating

No big surprise! Chocolate and alcohol sales are up. In stressful times like these, people look for soothing solutions to combat anxiety. Chocolate and alcohol are tied to neurotransmitters that can help to improve your mood. What’s not to like about that?  Unfortunately, both chocolate and alcohol can be addictive. The more you eat,  the more you want. Eventually self-medicating with food and alcohol can lead to mindless eating, addiction and weight gain. Not a recipe for success!

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What to do? While there is no magic bullet you can begin to take control by practicing mindful eating. The next time you are triggered to reach for your favorite addiction, ask yourself, “What is making me angry, upset or emotional? Is eating or drinking this going to fix it? Will it contribute to my overall health?”

If you are curious about whether you are addicted to a certain substance challenge yourself to go without it for a day, then a week, and finally a month.  If you can’t, well you have your answer.

Shift your paradigm about what feels good and say “yes” to a strong body and mind.  Exercising has all of the benefits of eating chocolate or drinking alcohol (mood elevation) and none of the disadvantages (addiction, weight gain and depression).

If you are ready to up your serenity quotient with a natural high, meet me in the gym.  Call or text me today to get started, 831.236.6199.

Selina Sabha - Owner and trainer of Fusion Fitness Pacific Grove
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